Ben backus

Old Ben wanders thru western Nebraska with the sand-hills people. He’s a geek, a veteran, an herbalist, and an elected Libertarian. Along with Mike Knebel, he founded the Roads to Liberty podcast when they felt the libertarian movement was lacking on mid-western voices. These days he’s mostly behind the scenes taking care of the logistical work so the rest of the crew can keep their level of dank at maximum.


Mike Knebel

Co founder of Roads to Liberty. In addition to being active in the libertarian party of Nebraska, he has ran for several offices local and statewide. Currently he is on hiatus from the podcast while he pursues a feminist studies degree from the University of Phoenix.


Nathan “token” Porrata

Nudist, Communist, Transexual, and also does not send in a bio for the website.

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Dustin Hobbs

Orange supremacist, gun control advocate, and furry. When asked what a website bio is he replied “whats that?”